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CCA-500 – Cloudera Qualified Manager for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) Accreditation

The CCA-500 exam becomes part of the brand new Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) Certification The Certification are going to confirm your capacity along with configuration activities. A number of the tasks call for bring in setup as well as solution adjustments using Cloudera Manager, while others ask for understanding of command line Hadoop utilities and also basic competence along with the Linux environment.
There are actually no prerequisites for taking any sort of Cloudera certification test; having said that, a history in device management and an instruction along with our CCA-500 dumps is strongly highly recommended.

This is actually a listing of protected topics:

  • Set up a local area CDH database as well as Perform OS-Level Configuration

  • Setup as well as Administrate a Cluster

  • Configure Cloudera Services

  • Secure Cloudera configure Sentry

  • Create/restore a picture of an HDFS directory site

  • Resolve errors/warnings in Cloudera Manager

  • … #### Our CCA-500 dumping grounds will feature those subject matters:

  • Hadoop Concepts

  • Hadoop Map Reduce

  • Cluster Hadoop

  • Cluster Resources

  • Hive

  • PIG

For even more details see: [CCA-500 Exam Reference] ( "CCA Admin CCA-500 Exam Reference").

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